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Monaco’s Cultural Festivals

prince's palace monaco

A Year-Round Guide

Monaco, a blend of luxury and cultural richness, is not just famous for its grand casinos and yachts but also for its vibrant cultural scene. Throughout the year, Monaco hosts a variety of cultural festivals that celebrate everything from music and art to sports and the environment. This guide takes you through the most notable cultural festivals in Monaco, offering a glimpse into the principality’s diverse and rich cultural calendar.

printemps des arts monaco

Monte-Carlo Spring Arts Festival: Kicking off the cultural calendar, this festival, held from late March to April, showcases a range of performances including classical music concerts, dance, and theater. It’s a celebration of the arts in one of the most beautiful seasons in Monaco. Details about the festival can be found on the official website.

monaco formula 1

The Monaco Grand Prix: While primarily a sporting event, the Monaco Grand Prix in May is a cultural spectacle in its own right, attracting celebrities and motorsport enthusiasts from around the globe. It’s a week-long celebration of high-speed racing and glamorous parties. Learn more about the event at the Automobile Club’s official website.

festival tv monaco

Monte-Carlo Television Festival: Held in June, this festival celebrates the best of international television production. It’s a great opportunity for TV fans to meet actors and producers and watch screenings of new and popular shows. Check out the festival’s website for more information.

monaco yacht show

Monaco Yacht Show: In September, the Monaco Yacht Show brings together the world’s most extraordinary superyachts. It’s not just a display of luxury but also a celebration of yachting lifestyle and innovation. For details, visit Monaco Yacht Show’s website.

Monaco jazz festival

Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival: As autumn sets in, the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival takes center stage. Held in November, this festival attracts jazz lovers with performances by renowned artists in the intimate setting of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo. Learn more about the lineup and tickets at Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival’s website.

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