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Sustainable Tourism in Monaco

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Green Initiatives

Monaco, often associated with luxury and grandeur, is also at the forefront of sustainable tourism. This small principality has taken significant strides in promoting eco-friendly practices, showcasing that luxury and sustainability can coexist. In this article, we explore Monaco’s green initiatives, highlighting how sustainable tourism is being embraced in this glamorous destination.

The ‘Green is the New Glam’ Campaign: Launched by the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority, this campaign aims to position Monaco as a destination that is as committed to environmental issues as it is to luxury. It focuses on responsible tourism practices, promoting green mobility, and sustainable accommodation options. More about this initiative can be found on Monaco’s Official website.

Eco-Friendly Transportation: Monaco has made significant investments in eco-friendly transportation. The use of electric bikes, solar-powered buses, and car-sharing services with electric vehicles are encouraged to reduce the carbon footprint. The principality has also installed numerous electric vehicle charging stations, making it convenient for eco-conscious travelers.

Sustainable Accommodations: Many hotels in Monaco are now embracing sustainable practices. The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort and the Novotel Monte Carlo are just two examples of establishments that have been awarded the Green Globe Certification for their commitment to sustainable tourism.

The Monaco Blue Initiative: This oceanographic project focuses on marine conservation and sustainable ocean management. It brings together scientists, experts, and political figures to discuss and promote ocean health, a crucial aspect of Monaco’s environmental commitment. Learn more about their work at Monaco Blue Initiative.

Organic Urban Farming: Monaco is also pioneering in urban farming. The ‘Terre de Monaco’ project involves creating organic gardens in urban spaces, promoting local produce and biodiversity.

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Monaco’s commitment to sustainability is a testament to its forward-thinking approach, proving that luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. In parallel, BSS Monaco offers digital services that align with the principles of sustainability and innovation, helping your business thrive in an eco-conscious manner.