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Monaco, the glamorous principality on the French Riviera, is rapidly becoming a hotspot for innovative tech startups. With a focus on Web3, gaming, and luxury, the Monegasque ecosystem is nurturing a new breed of companies that are reshaping traditional industries. This article dives into the recent developments and key players in Monaco’s tech scene, highlighting the initiatives and events that are putting this small yet mighty jurisdiction on the global tech map.

Key Takeaways

  • The Monaco Protocol’s new reward system is incentivizing participation in the local tech ecosystem through Monaco Points, enhancing trading, liquidity provision, and dApp interaction.
  • Tech startups in Monaco are forging unique collaborations, such as Hennessy and Caf� 11’s Web3 partnership and Altr’s blockchain integration with Monaco Legend Group for luxury watches.
  • Monaco is establishing itself as a hub for tech innovation with events like the GAM3 Awards for Web3 gaming, the Digital Art & Fashion Exhibition, and the LVMH Innovation Award at Viva Tech.

Innovative Initiatives: Monaco’s Tech Startups Reshaping the Industry

Innovative Initiatives: Monaco's Tech Startups Reshaping the Industry

Monaco Protocol Points: A New Reward System

The Monaco Protocol has introduced a novel reward system, Monaco Protocol Points, which incentivizes active participation within the principality’s burgeoning tech scene. Users can accumulate points through various activities such as trading, providing liquidity, and engaging with decentralized applications (dApps).

The Monaco Protocol Points system is designed to foster a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem, rewarding those who contribute to its growth and sustainability.

Here’s how the reward system works:

  • Trading: Engage in transactions and earn points for each trade.
  • Liquidity Provision: Supply liquidity to the market and receive points in return.
  • dApp Interaction: Use decentralized applications and get rewarded with points.

This initiative not only encourages community involvement but also integrates seamlessly with Monaco’s tech startup ecosystem, which offers a range of services including digital, SEO, and marketing. Notable projects within the portfolio include LJP Renovation and YACHTA Monaco, showcasing the diverse capabilities of the local industry.

Hennessy and Caf� 11’s Web3 Collaboration

In a pioneering move, Hennessy has partnered with Caf� 11, launching a limited edition V.S.O.P bottle that’s minted on Blockbar. This collaboration signifies a historic moment in liquor branding, blending the traditional with the innovative through the use of NFTs for proof of ownership.

The initiative not only marks a milestone for Hennessy but also engages the Caf� 11 community in a unique way. Members had the opportunity to be involved in the bottle design process, fostering a new level of creativity and collaboration within the Web3 space.

This venture is a testament to the evolving landscape of brand-consumer interaction, where digital ownership and community involvement are becoming increasingly integral.

The details of this collaboration are as follows:

  • Limited edition V.S.O.P bottle minted as an NFT
  • Exclusive design involvement by the Caf� 11 community
  • Proof of ownership provided through blockchain technology

With the rise of Web3, such collaborations are setting new standards for how brands can interact with their audiences, offering a glimpse into the future of consumer engagement.

Mona’s CEO Justin Melillo: Empowering Creators

Justin Melillo, CEO of Mona, is at the forefront of a transformative movement in Monaco’s tech ecosystem. His platform is redefining the landscape for digital creators by providing them with open tooling and self-sovereign immersive spaces. Creators now have unprecedented control over their content and the way it is shared with the world.

Mona’s approach to empowering creators is multifaceted:

  • Open tooling allows for a high degree of customization and innovation.
  • Self-sovereign spaces give creators ownership and governance over their digital environments.
  • The inaugural Mona Shorts Fest showcases the potential of these tools in action.

Mona’s commitment to creator empowerment is evident in its support for community-driven initiatives and collaborations.

The impact of such initiatives is clear, as seen in the success stories emerging from the Monaco tech scene. For instance, the collaboration with Consortium Key led to a significant revenue increase, demonstrating the potential for creators to thrive in this new digital economy. As Monaco continues to nurture its tech startups, visionaries like Justin Melillo are essential in shaping a future where creators are truly in control of their digital destinies.

Altr and Monaco Legend Group: Luxury Watches Meet Blockchain

In a groundbreaking partnership, Altr has teamed up with Monaco Legend Group, an esteemed auction house, to introduce a new era for luxury watch collectors. This collaboration aims to digitize high-value collectibles, providing a secure and transparent way to verify ownership and provenance using blockchain technology.

Altr’s innovative approach allows private collectors to create digital twins of their luxury watches, effectively unlocking on-chain liquidity. This not only enhances the value of the collectibles but also opens up a new marketplace for investors and enthusiasts.

The fusion of luxury watches with blockchain represents a significant leap forward in how we perceive value and ownership in the digital age.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits this partnership brings to the table:

  • Provenance Tracking: Ensuring the authenticity and history of each watch.
  • Increased Liquidity: Facilitating easier buying, selling, and trading of luxury watches.
  • Enhanced Security: Leveraging blockchain’s immutable ledger to prevent fraud.
  • Global Accessibility: Opening up the market to international buyers and sellers.

As the tech ecosystem in Monaco continues to flourish, initiatives like this are setting a new standard for innovation in the luxury goods market.

Monaco’s Tech Events: A Hub for Web3 and Gaming Innovation

Monaco's Tech Events: A Hub for Web3 and Gaming Innovation

Digital Art & Fashion Exhibition: A Fusion of Creativity and Technology

The Digital Art & Fashion Exhibition in Monaco is a testament to the principality’s commitment to fostering innovation at the intersection of technology and style. The event showcases a selection of artworks that redefine creativity and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the future of fashion. Attendees can expect to immerse themselves in a world where digital trends and luxury fashion converge, highlighting Monaco’s growing influence in the tech startup scene.

The exhibition not only celebrates the fusion of digital art and high fashion but also serves as a platform for emerging designers and tech entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.

Monaco’s ecosystem is enriched by companies like BSS, which specializes in digital services, design, and websites, with a portfolio that includes projects such as Yachta Monaco and Maison Alia. For those seeking to embark on a digital transformation journey, BSS is a go-to for expertise and innovation.

GAM3 Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Web3 Gaming

The GAM3 Awards have quickly become a cornerstone event in the Web3 gaming community, celebrating the most innovative and engaging games in the industry. With a prize pool exceeding $2 million, the competition is fierce and the stakes are high. The awards not only recognize outstanding game design and user experience but also serve as a barometer for the industry’s trends and future directions.

The second annual GAM3 Awards ceremony is set to take place on December 14, 2023, marking another year of remarkable achievements in the realm of Web3 gaming. This event is a testament to the vibrant and rapidly evolving gaming ecosystem in Monaco.

The anticipation for the event is palpable, with the community eagerly awaiting the announcement of the final nominees. The shortlisted games represent a cross-section of the creativity and technical prowess that Web3 gaming has to offer. Here’s a glimpse at the categories and the excitement they’re generating:

  • Best Action Game
  • Best Strategy Game
  • Best Role-Playing Game
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Multiplayer Game

As the event draws near, the Web3 gaming community is abuzz with predictions and support for their favorite contenders. Monaco’s tech scene continues to flourish, with events like the GAM3 Awards showcasing the principality’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence.

The Rise of Web3: LVMH Innovation Award Winners at Viva Tech

The LVMH Innovation Award at Viva Tech has become a prestigious accolade for startups at the intersection of luxury and technology. This year’s event highlighted the profound impact of Web3 on the fashion and luxury sectors. Among the finalists, Absolute Labs stood out with their Web3 CRM platform, signaling a shift towards more personalized and decentralized customer experiences.

The award ceremony was not just a celebration of innovation, but a testament to the evolving landscape of luxury through technology.

The winners, selected from a diverse pool of nominees, showcased solutions ranging from circularity and AI to sustainable practices. LVMH’s support for these startups underscores their commitment to fostering a future where luxury and digital transformation go hand in hand.

The Sandbox’s Strategic Executive Appointments

The Sandbox, a prominent player in the decentralized gaming and virtual world space, has recently fortified its leadership team with strategic executive appointments. Nicola Sebastiani takes the helm as Chief Content Officer, bringing a wealth of experience to the platform’s content strategy. Alongside Sebastiani, two other executives have joined the ranks, signaling The Sandbox’s commitment to expanding its influence in the metaverse.

The Sandbox’s initiative to bolster its executive team is a testament to its dedication to growth and innovation within the metaverse ecosystem.

The collaboration with Influential as a metaverse influencer marketing partner and the unveiling of a $100M Game Maker Fund are pivotal moves that underscore the company’s forward-thinking approach. These developments, coupled with the expansion into Mega City 3, showcase The Sandbox’s ambition to provide a fertile ground for creativity and immersive experiences.

The Sandbox’s agenda is clear: to empower creators and players alike, fostering a community where diversity and inclusivity are not just celebrated but are integral to the virtual experience. The second edition of Belonging Week, led by Co-Founder Akbar Hamid, exemplifies this ethos, inviting all to partake in the vibrant life of the metaverse.

Monaco’s Tech Events are rapidly becoming the epicenter for Web3 and gaming innovation, attracting tech enthusiasts and industry leaders from around the globe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with pioneers and visionaries in the field. Visit our website to discover how BSS can elevate your digital presence and transform your vision into reality. Whether you’re looking to create a cutting-edge app or seeking comprehensive digital solutions, BSS is your partner in digital success. Engage with us today and take the first step towards a future of digital excellence.


As we have explored the burgeoning tech startup scene in Monaco, it’s clear that this glamorous principality is rapidly becoming a hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship. From the Monaco Protocol’s introduction of reward points to incentivize ecosystem participation to the celebration of Web3 gaming excellence at the GAM3 Awards, Monaco is carving out a niche in the digital frontier. The synergy between luxury brands and tech, such as the partnership between Altr and Monaco Legend Group, exemplifies the unique blend of tradition and innovation that characterizes Monaco’s approach to technology. With increased visitor numbers and a vibrant community of thought leaders, influencers, and creators, Monaco’s tech ecosystem is poised for continued growth and success. As the world watches, Monaco is not only shining on the French Riviera but is also making a significant impact on the global stage, proving that even the smallest countries can lead in the digital revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Monaco Protocol Points and how do they work?

Monaco Protocol Points are a reward system designed to incentivize contributions within the Monaco ecosystem. Users earn points through trading, providing liquidity, and interacting with decentralized applications (dApps). These points can be used for various benefits and rewards within the Monaco community.

How is the collaboration between Hennessy and Caf� 11 influencing the Web3 space?

Hennessy and Caf� 11’s collaboration in the Web3 space has resulted in the minting of a limited edition V.S.O.P bottle on Blockbar. This partnership showcases the fusion of luxury brands with blockchain technology, offering a new way for consumers to interact with and collect exclusive items.

What is the significance of The Sandbox’s new executive appointments?

The Sandbox, a prominent player in the metaverse and gaming industry, has strengthened its leadership team with strategic executive appointments. These new positions, including the Chief Content Officer, are expected to drive innovation and growth, further establishing The Sandbox as a leader in content creation and metaverse development.

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